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MaryDes is multiple winner of numerous international design competitions and has over 10 years experience in graphic design, provided covers for books and CDs of artists worldwide, and developed logos for renowned international companies. The are perfectionists with an eye for every detail and will deliver only work if it exceeds expectations. A team of professional designers, webdeveloper and a marketing specialist is ready to fulfill all your graphical needs with astonishing results.

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“Maryna from MaryDes Designs works magic as she takes your book and gives it a book cover that captures the true essence of your words. I've used her for my book cover and several social media banners and headers. She works quicky, professionally, and with an uncanny way where she's able to reach into the very heart of your work and translate that to beautiful graphics. I feel blessed that I found her to help me with my book--a beautiful partnership. Thank you, Maryna!”

“Defenders of the Light" is my first book. One of the critical components for any book is for it to be something a reader can instantly relate to and MaryDes accomplished that and much more. I am grateful to Maryna and her team for taking the time to read the outline of the story, understand the main characters, "see" the deeper meaning of what they are facing and how they dealt with their challenges. Even more important, Maryna understood the importance of Linda's death, a main character. Linda lost her life supporting the man she loved, protecting his values and his gifts. All of this and more can be experienced by the reader simply by looking at the book cover and the trailer. So yes, if you want someone who will "connect" with you and your work, consider teaming up with MaryDes. You will be glad you did.”

“I can't praise Maryna of MaryDes highly enough. Not only is she an expert designer, but I felt from the first she understood what I wanted and we were on the same wavelength. She went to endless trouble tweaking the design until it was perfect. She is also an excellent communicator who takes the trouble to explain to clients the reasons for her design choices. I will go straight to MaryDes for my future book covers.”

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