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Kerrigan Byrne meets MaryDes


Kerrigan Byrne is a USAToday and international best-selling author. With more than 20 books, she is also one of the most active writers that gathered a staff around her.

Whether she’s writing about Celtic Druids, Victorian bad boys, or brash Irish FBI Agents, Kerrigan uses her borderline-obsessive passion for history, her extensive Celtic ancestry, and her love of Shakespeare in almost every story.

She lives in a little Victorian coast town on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with her wonderful husband. When she’s not writing you can find her sailing, beach combing, kayaking, visiting wineries, breweries, and restaurants with friends, and hiking…okay…wandering aimlessly clenching bear spray in the mountains.

She writes about her books:

If you’re anything like me, the best night is one spent with a brawny highlander, a mysterious werewolf, a conflicted vampire, or a hot-headed Irishman. My stories span the spectrum of romantic fiction from historical, to paranormal, to romantic suspense. But I can always promise my readers one thing: memorable and sexy Celtic heroes who are guaranteed to heat your blood before they steal your heart. Lose yourself in the enchanted Celtic Isles, you never know who, or what, will find you…

About the competition

For her series on the Fiona Mahoney mysteries, Kerrigan wanted to find a designer who could better reflect the atmosphere of her books. The books had already been published, but she thought the covers looked a little too “paranormal”. In her search for a new designer, she ran a competition in which she invited 31 international designers, including MaryDes, to create a book cover for her book “The business of blood”.

What is the book about?

Dying is the only thing people do with any regularity, and Fiona makes her indecorous living cleaning up after the corpses are carted away. Her childhood best friend, Mary, was the last known victim of Jack the Ripper. It’s been two years since Fiona scrubbed Mary’s blood from the floorboards, and London is no longer buzzing about the Ripper, but Fiona hasn’t forgotten.

And she hasn’t stopped searching for Jack.

When she’s called to a murder in the middle of the night, Fiona finds a victim mutilated in an eerily similar fashion to those of the Ripper, and only a few doors down from Mary’s old home. The relentless, overbearing, and irritatingly handsome Inspector Grayson Croft warns her away from the case. She might have listened, if she hadn’t found a clue in the blood. A clue that will lead her down a path from which there is no return.As a killer cuts a devastating swath through London, a letter written in blood arrives at her door, and it is only then that Fiona realizes just how perilous her endeavor is. For she has drawn the attention of an obsessive evil, and is no longer the hunter, but the prey. Fiona Mahoney is in the business of blood.

The power of a MaryDes design

Keeping in mind the winning design of Goulston Street she created for Janis Wilson about a year ago, a book about Jack The Ripper, MaryDes accepted the challenge. After all, much of the research had already been done.

MaryDes knows how to create atmosphere like no other. In all her designs she plays with light and contrast. That makes her designs always eye-catching. As a reader you automatically feel attracted and you are invited to take the book and take a closer look.

Kerrigan Byrne also appreciated this and Maryna from MaryDes achieved her 28 th winning design. Kerrigan says:

“Maryna! You are fabulous. You looked at what I wished for and produced it fantastically, exceeding my expectations. I Love the background, the contrast, the woman, and even the little extras with the knife. You are truly so skilled. 
I am so thrilled and relieved that you are willing to work with me throughout the series to keep this beautiful continuity that you’ve established here. Your book cover is absolutely the best I’ve seen.
Maryna!! These covers are excellent and the extra marketing material is AMAZING! I squealed and clapped when I saw it. I usually have to pay extra for this kind of thing.
Tell your incredible team that they went above and beyond expectations. I can’t wait to see the next covers! ”

Kerrigan Byrne immediately ordered 2 additional book covers from MaryDes for the other books in the series and wrote the following review:

“MaryDes and company was not only quick, professional, and endlessly skilled. But they were also open to all suggestion, honest with their opinion and feedback, and very flexible and patient. I can’t imagine using anyone else for my books from now on. She has a rare talent and was able to visualize EXACTLY what I wanted. I’ve never found that before. So thank you!”

Thank you very much Kerrigan. We look forward to a long-term cooperation and wish you good luck with your books.

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