MaryDes finalist for the da Vinci Eye Award 2019


MaryDes and the da Vinci Eye award

The Hoffer Award for books is considered the most prestigious recognition for authors and publishers and their small, academic, and independent books. No wonder that every year more than a thousand books are submitted for evaluation in various categories.

Winning this award can increase sales, make you more famous and earn more respect from your fellow writers. It also increases your self-confidence and proves that you are on the right track. Nothing but benefits. That is why Candice M. Sanderson has submitted her book The Reluctant Messenger, already Amazon bestseller, to compete for this valuable prize.

Since the start, Hoffer entrants have been evaluated in one of its all-encompassing categories. It even has a fiction and nonfiction legacy category for books older than two years old. From within each category, books are promoted for the grand prize: The Eric Hoffer Award for Books. Through the years, it has added the Montaigne Medal for the most thought-provoking book, the da Vinci Eye for the best cover art, and the First Horizon Award for first-time authors.

The Hoffer Award has over one hundred experienced category readers, who typically include librarians, literary agents, and category professionals. Judges are carefully vetted via resume/CV, references, and an interview with one of our coordinators. Judges are annually graded and rejoined/released based on their individual performance.

To be nominated is therefore not self-evident and must be regarded as an honor. Candice recently received the wonderful news that her book The Reluctant Messenger has already been nominated for the da Vinci Eye Award, for the best cover art. This cover design was created by MaryDes Designs and therefore, we also share the sense of pride of Candice. We always strive to deliver a piece of art for every book cover. This nomination is a recognition of the high quality that we offer to all authors and publishers.