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Here you will learn the latest news about MaryDes, their authors and publishers with whom they collaborate and about authoring services in general. Educational, fascinating but also relaxing reading. Thank you for your interest.

Kerrigan Byrne at MaryDes

MaryDes winner of the Kerrigan Byrne competition.

Kerrigan Byrne is a USAToday and international best-selling author. Recently, she went looking for a new designer through a competition. MaryDes was selected as the winner and we are therefore very proud that we will soon be part of her expert team. We wish Kerrigan a lot of success with her books and that many more may follow.

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Girl on the Boat by Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Cover reveal party by Danielle Lincoln Hanna

To make your readers curious about your next book, we think the idea of Danielle Lincoln Hanna, the author of the Mailboat series, to have a “cover reveal party” online is a great idea. Not only do you keep in touch with your readers this way but you give them something to look forward to.

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The Well House by Susan Buckley

We have a winner

Maryna from MaryDes Designs won her 27th international design competition with her book cover for The Well House by Susan Buckley. With this she proves once again that MaryDes Designs enjoys world fame in the field of book cover designs.

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MaryDes welcomes StoryLand publishing.

StoryLand is a new Belgian publishing house with a heart for authors and their books. They’ve developed 4 formulas to publish books and can therefore guarantee to almost all authors that their book will be published. Discover their method.

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