MaryDes welcomes StoryLand publishing.

StoryLand Publishing

StoryLand is a new Belgian publishing house with a heart for authors and their books.

The chance that a new author can publish his or her book through a publishing company is very small. A normal publisher will consider the financial risk. They must be convinced that they can not only recover their costs but can also make a profit. Many authors will therefore resort to Printing On Demand in the event of a rejection.

Yet “Do It Yourself” publishing is not easy for everyone and many gems of books and interesting reading material remain unpublished.

StoryLand has therefore developed 4 formulas to publish books, the normal classical edition, the edition in which the author assumes part of the financial risk, the Printing On Demand formula in which the author is fully supervised, including marketing, and the Printing On Demand formula whereby the author does everything himself and, depending on his budget, chooses the services he wishes for his book. He can also count on support and guidance from StoryLand for this.

This means that StoryLand can publish almost all books and the author, as it were, obtains a “One stop shopping” for his book.

StoryLand has chosen MaryDes Designs for all its designing work.

We would like to warmly welcome StoryLand to the growing group of authors and publishers around the world who have chosen professional quality from MaryDes Designs.