Book Covers, Book Trailers & Web Development


Remarkably, suggestive, making atmosphere, inviting or enthusiastic, designs of MaryDes are not only high quality but are meticulously created in function of the objective envisaged by the customer. We want to touch and guide the public with our designs. Over the years we have specialized in book cover designs, book trailers and author websites. With our specialized team, we ensure that orders are cared for in every detail, within agreed budget and deadline.

A beautiful design is not enough; we also think commercial. A cover should invite to grasp; the viewer should immediately immerse in the atmosphere of your story. We can care of the interior design and create designs for marketing.

Book trailers offer an additional opportunity to make your book known on popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Moreover, this video promotion draws more attention on your social media, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We create special fully functional websites for authors. Authors can make changes, add pictures and content themselves.
These sites are optimized for portable devices too.


“MaryDes Designs is highly recommended! The book design of ‘Richtungswechsel’ is saying a lot about my story and about me as an author. MaryDes Designs felt intuitively how my story would live through the design. I appreciate the wonderful communication, the fast and honest work and feedback, and a designer who lives her creative potential to a very high degree. Thank you for your business. I am a returning costumer!”

“Excellent service. High quality design, quick turnaround of all requests, patience, and perfection. I highly recommend MaryDes and will use her services again.”

“No one matches Maryna for creativity, art, and sheer brilliance. You know you've found the right designer when her latest book cover just makes you cry. I'm so happy I fell into her capable hands. I can't wait to write my next book, just to see what kind of visual magic Maryna wraps around it!”


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