Cover reveal party by Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Girl on the Boat by Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Keep in touch with your readers

To make your readers curious about your next book, we think the idea of ​​Danielle Lincoln Hanna, the author of the Mailboat series, to have a “cover reveal party” online is a great idea. Not only do you keep in touch with your readers this way but you give them something to look forward to.

Girl on the boat

The girl on the boat is a prequel to her Mailboat series. For the first time, Bailey, the main character, appears on the cover. To make this possible, a good description of, and intensive consultation with, the author was necessary. After all, many readers had already imagined the character and others were eager to know. So, we had to find a good mix between the image the author had and the one her readers had. Bailey, on the cover, is therefore fully composed, but you do not see it and it looks like a real photo. She is the result of a perfect collaboration between author and professional designer. Here you recognize the power of Maryna, the lead designer of MaryDes, who with her years of experience and high technical skills is able to create photo-realistic material that is indistinguishable from reality. You no longer believe a photo in the newspaper when you see her material. It’s just magic. Everything is possible.

MaryDes has designed all of her book covers for Danielle Lincoln Hanna’s “Mailboat” series. She explains in the video why she chose us.