25th award for best design

The book Verfluchte Sieben by Reinhard Zellinger, created by MaryDes Designs.

A new award to be proud of

Occasionally we go in competition. We do this against approximately one hundred international experienced designers. It allows us to look at the new techniques that other designers use, so that we can constantly improve our skills, but if we win, the publicity is also nice to have. We are proud to announce our 25th victory.

We did this with a book cover for “Verfluchte Sieben” (The cursed seven), a book by the Austrian Reinhard Zellinger.

During restoration works on the castle chapel, workers discover a mysterious package that dates from 1827. It mentions a double murder for which the seven clients were never punished. Will this change now that the descendants on Valentine’s Day are invited to stay in the castle and an eighth guest appears?

The book is very similar to the Da Vinci Code but with the music composer Mozart in the background. That is why we also wanted to convey this atmosphere. We have done a lot of research on locations such as the castle Stuppach (Austria), where a large part of the story takes place, and the concerning chapel. All elements that we have used in our design.

MaryDes’s book covers are never cut and paste, but outright bits of art. We do not care how long we work on a design and how many elements we use, it has to be perfect. Not only the design, but also the marketing friendliness is important. A book cover must encourage people to buy it. We are real perfectionists and will never deliver a design to the customer if we are not 100% behind it.

The Cursed Seven” is a huge success. Recently Maryna, who also created this design, was invited to the castle of Reinhard and Rita Zellinger, where he presented his book to, among others, the Austrian aristocracy. There, with her cover design, she was received on a standing ovation.

That’s what we do it for, making people happy with our designs.


Schloss Stuppach 2018, with Reinhard and Rita Zellinger together with Maryna from MaryDes.

Castle Stuppach 2018. Reinhard and Rita Zellinger together with Maryna from MaryDes.


This book is also available via Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/14-VERFLUCHTE-SIEBEN-Reinhard-Zellinger/dp/3746968054

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