MaryDes Designs receives her 26th winning design award for “Goulston Street” from Janis Wilson

MaryDes Designs honored with a 26th design award.


The book Goulston Street by Janis Wilson. Design by MaryDes Designs.


For the cover of Janis Wilson’s book: “Goulston Street” we went to the extreme.

It is the story of Jack the Ripper and Lady Sarah and plays in the London of 1888. Jack the Ripper is brutally murdering prostitutes in London and the police are under great pressure, even from Queen Victoria, to find the killer.

Goulston street is a gripping story and fascinates from the first sentence. The expertise of the author and her excellent way to bring a story makes this book a perfect combination between historical accuracy and adventure.

We found this given a fantastic opportunity to explore the limits of our skills and abilities. Incidentally, competing with the best designers in the world offers an important advantage that you also get to know the latest techniques and skills of other designers. If you are good, read more wins, you will also end up in the select circle of best designers who will always appreciate your work. The importance of going into competition from time to time is therefore considerable.

The book cover of “Goulston Street” was not only composed of more than ten separate photographs, which were again seamlessly welded together to get the setting that would perfectly reflect the contents of the book, but also light effects and color filters were used to get the atmosphere of London from 1888. The diffused light coming from an illuminated room, the street lights, the fog, the moon behind the clouds, the man on the cobblestones, the billboard on a fa├žade, everything was meticulously composed.

The book cover will take you away, grab you and force you to research, to take this book at hand and read, and that is what a good book cover should do. Taking a book is the first step in a marketing process that should encourage the reader to buy.

Of course, many hours of research have also preceded this creation. What did London look like in 1888 and specifically Goulston Street? Was there still something to find from this time? We have looked at hundreds of photos, filtered, selected and removed again. We discussed with a team how and what we would integrate and how we could add marketing elements. Because that is how MaryDes Designs works: every design is not only a result of the designer, but also of the input of our entire team consisting of designers, a marketing specialist, web designer and multimedia developer. A book cover is very important, but it must support the marketing and facilitate book trailer production and web design and you only achieve that if all these people have made their say in it.

That is also the reason why MaryDes book covers really sells and that distinguishes us from most other designers. That is why we win.

With the book cover of “Goulston Street” by Janis Wilson we have another flagship, a crowning achievement on the detailed and carefully executed work that we can be proud of with our whole team.

See our basic book trailer: