MaryDes supports the Young Readers Foundation



The positive influence that reading books on people has is particularly great. There are several articles circulating on the internet that substantiate this scientifically. Reading books is necessary for the mental development of young people. Only sometimes the supply of books for young people in small language areas is insufficient or even non-existent and elsewhere young people, because of their addiction to social media, have little interest in reading books.

The Young Readers Foundation is a foundation that wants to support authors and publishers in small language areas, to create a wider range of books for young people. She also wants to motivate young people, through various actions, to read more books.

Of course, MaryDes Designs, with her international experience, fully supports this initiative and, from every design assignment received, she transfers a part to support the Young Readers Foundation. It is imperative that we make young people interested again to read books.

More information can be found on the website of the Young Readers Foundation.

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